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Addiction is one of the social problems which has a significant role in the spiritual and physical health of the person, family (85700 Downloads)
Length of Methamphetamine Abuse and Sustained Attention Disorders among Methamphetamine Abusers (24258 Downloads)
بحث ویژه : تبیین مفاهیم و موانع توسعه از دیدگاه‌های مختلف (22272 Downloads)
The Study of Mental Health and its Relationship with Quality of Life in Substance Dependents (18570 Downloads)
The Effectiveness of Teaching Emotion Regulation Based on Gross Model in Reducing Impulsivity in Drug-Dependent People (18511 Downloads)
Survey of Four Decades of Addiction Prevalence Researches in Iran (17790 Downloads)
The Construction and Validation of Scale of Effective Factors in Drug Abuse Tendency among Youth (A Case Study in Khorasan Razavi) (16878 Downloads)
The Survey Two Decades of Prevalence Studies among Iran University Students (16073 Downloads)
The Effectiveness of Life Skills Training on Tendency toward Opium in Clients who Referred to Rehabilitation and Treatment Centers of Addiction (14622 Downloads)
The impact of group therapy based on change stages in prevention relapse among substance abusers in kerman (11813 Downloads)
Addiction Prevention Elements in the Content of the Thinking and Life Style Book of Seventh Grade from Viewpoint of Instructors (11628 Downloads)
Sprcial discussion: Future Roles for Tincture of Opium in Medical Intervention for Opioid Dependence Treads and Hopes (11558 Downloads)
The Effectiveness of Social Skills Training by Cognitive-Behavioral Group in the Increase of Girls’ Self-Esteem and Assertiveness with Addicted Parents (11177 Downloads)
Relapse Prevention: An Overview of Marlatts Cognitive- Behavioral Model (10545 Downloads)
The Comparison of Drawing Family and the House-Tree-Person Test in Children with Addicted and Non-Addicted Parents (9303 Downloads)
Meta-Analysis of Comparing Personal and Environmental Factors Effective in Addiction Relapse (Iran, 2004 -2012) (9187 Downloads)
Ascertainment of individual specifications of addicts admitted to Tehran Treatment Centers (8948 Downloads)
The Comparison of Defense Mechanism Styles and Personality Characteristics in Addicts and Healthy Individuals (8698 Downloads)
The Comparison of the Effectiveness of Risperidone and Fluoxetine in Combination with Impulse Control Group Therapy on Improving of Impulsivity, and Relapse in Heroin Crack Addicts under Methadone Maintenance Therapy (8480 Downloads)
The Prediction of Coping Strategies Based on Personality Traits in Irritants Affiliates (8445 Downloads)
The Predicting Role of Difficulties in Emotion Regulation and Distress Tolerance in Students’ Addiction Potential (8193 Downloads)
The Efficacy of the Training of Stress Management by Cognitive-Behavior Method on Addicts’ Anxiety of with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (7943 Downloads)
Investigation of the effect of life skill training on attitude towards substance abuse in sirjan city high school students (7822 Downloads)
The Study of the Effectiveness of Olanzapine as a Maintenance Treatment in Opioid Dependents, a Randomized Clinical Trial (7722 Downloads)
The effectiveness of therapeutic group and behavior for illogical belief and quality of peoples life related (7713 Downloads)
The relationship between emotional intelligence and resilience in students at university of social welfare science and rehabilitation (7625 Downloads)
The Comparison of Maladaptive Schema and Lifestyles in Drug Dependence and Non-Drug Dependence People (7033 Downloads)
Bowen's Self-Differentiation Training and the Relapse of Substance Abuse Symptoms (6952 Downloads)
The study of cognitive – behavior training effectiveness on decreasing depresive symptoms in community therapy center resident addicts (6918 Downloads)
Relationship between interaction parent-child with addictability rate and heterosexual orientation in students (6896 Downloads)
The Effectiveness of Training in Communicative Skills Training with A Cognitive – Behaviorist Approach on Spouses ’Marital Adjustment and the Prevention of Addicts from Relapsing in Male Addicts in Isfahan (6759 Downloads)
The Effect of Life Skills on Family Functions with Addicted Husband (6537 Downloads)
The Effectiveness of Transactional Behavior Analytic Group Therapy on the Prevention of Relapse among Detoxified People (6426 Downloads)
Predicting Substance Abuse from Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms in Adult (6384 Downloads)
Effectiveness of Resiliency Components Education on Reduction of Addiction Vulnerability Level and Changing Attitude Towards Substance Use in High School Students (6344 Downloads)
Attachment Styles and Risky Behaviors (6164 Downloads)
The Effectiveness of the Training of Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills on the Reduction of Addicts’ Positive Attitudes to Narcotics (6109 Downloads)
The Effectiveness of Imago Relationship Training on Marital Intimacy in Addicts and their Wives (6003 Downloads)
Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy on Improving Quality of Life in Opiate Addicts under Methadone Maintenance Treatment (5978 Downloads)
The Representation Methods of Addiction in Iran’s Movies (5962 Downloads)
The Effectiveness of “Bowen’s Family System Therapy” on Differentiation and the Functions of Families with Addicted Child (5946 Downloads)
Defense Mechanisms in Substance Abusers’ Families (5727 Downloads)
Comparing and the Relationship between Stress and Craving Usage in Addicted to Opium and Industrial Substances (5715 Downloads)
The characteristics of borderline personality, anger, hostility and aggression in addicts with and without suicide ideas (5577 Downloads)
The Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavior Therapy of Impulse Control on Reduction of Impulsiveness, Crave of Usage and Addiction Severity among Crack Users (5563 Downloads)
The Relationship between Religious Attitudes, Locus of Control and Tendency to Substace Abuse in University Students (5524 Downloads)
Typology of Family Parenting Styles and Its Influence on Male Adolescents’ Tendency to Drugs (5437 Downloads)
The Study of the Differences of Attention Bias, Executive Functioning, and Reaction Time of Amphetamine Consumers in Comparison of Non Consumers (5417 Downloads)
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