Scientific Quarterly Research on Addiction- Editorial Board
Editorial Board

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Zarindast, M. R., Ph.D.             Professor of Pharmacology, Tehran Medical Sciences University
Joghataei, M.T., Ph.D.             Professor of Anatomy, Tehran Medical Sciences University
Mohseni, T. A. R., Ph.D.          Professor of Sociology, Tehran University
Navabakhsh, M., Ph.D.            Professor of Sociology, Open University-Science and Research Branch
Mohammadkhani, P., Ph.D.      Professor of Psychology, Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences University
Rezai, R. M., Ph.D.                 Associate Professor of Management of Treatment Services, Police University
Rahimi, M. A., Ph.D.               Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Tehran Medical Sciences University
Motavalian, S. A., Ph.D.          Associate Professor of Epiodmiology, Tehran Medical Sciences University
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