Call for Papers

Instructions for Publishing Papers in Journal of Substance Abuse Addiction Research
- After mentioning the title and author(s), write the abstract as objective, method, results, conclusion, and keywords.
- Persian and English abstract of papers should include maximum 150 word and from three to five words should be included for keywords. The English abstract is required to be written exactly in agreement with the Persian version. The exact spelling of the author and co-authors’ names should be written in footnote of the English abstract.
- Bibliographical information should be inserted at the end of the paper in alphabetical order as follows:
In accordance with APA style, put the English version of an author’s name in the footnote when mentioning it for the first time in the text. If the author has any colleagues (up to five persons), write their last names in the footnote. If the number of authors is higher than five, write the author’s name and then add the term et al.; the mention of all the authors’ names is obligatory in the reference section. If you are to mention an author and colleagues’ names for the first time, there will be no need to mention the colleagues’ names in the following times; in such cases, use the term et al.
- When necessary, write the author’s name an d year of publication in parentheses in the text and insert the English equivalent of English terms at the end of that page. Add the name of all the instruments and expressions that are used in the text for the first time to the footnote. As much as possible, avoid using foreign words in the text.
- Final acceptance and publication of paper in the journal hinges upon the approval of the editorial board and expert reviewers.
- All the articles, to be eligible for publication, should enjoy the observation of the principles and framework for Scientific-Research criteria (introduction, main body of the paper including a theoretical or conceptual framework to explain or describe the variables and their relationships, method (population, sample, sampling method, and instrument), research results and findings, discussion and conclusion, acknowledgement, and reference).
- Mention your suggestions in the last paragraph of the paper without inserting the heading of suggestions.
- Briefly present the conclusion as the summary of the discussion.
- Each paper can contain up to 13 A4 pages, each containing 240 words.
- Papers should be necessarily typed in Microsoft Office Word Software with the font of Times New Roman and size of 11 and the related file should be forwarded accompanied by the paper.
- The author(s)’ name should be written in full. The author(s)’ affiliation, academic degree, and email address should be mentioned below the author(s)’ names.
As well, the corresponding author’s name along with the full address should be written below each article.
Meta-analyses and Reviews:
- Only an article will be accepted whose author has expertise in the relevant area and refers to his/her own name in the reference section (at least four times).
- The general principles of writing such papers are similar to the above-mentioned ones.
1. The contents published in the journal are not necessarily reflective of Drug Control Headquarters’ ideas. The responsibility of the contents lies with the authors are
2. Quoting the contents of this journal (Research on Addiction) with citing the source is allowed.
3. This journal, hereby, invites all the researchers, professors, and experts to submit their research papers on addiction and narcotic drugs.
4. The journal is allowed to edit, modify, and coordinate scientific terms of papers up to the point that concepts do not get distorted.

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